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20 years of study and experimenting
The Brain Centred Training Company was established in 2011. The company consists out of very experienced people in the football business and educational world. Our main goal is to endorse the general educational, physical and cognitive development of coming generations.
Brain Centred Training (BCT) is a company developing modern and innovative didactical and pedagogical programs for people of all ages, in particular the CogiTraining Method. Our programs are based on profound research regarding cognitive neurology, neurobiology, neurophysiology, neuropsychology, kinesiology and posturology, because we aim to improve people's moving and sports performance.
A better understanding of the body and brain functioning can enhance the quality of life and improve a human being's proficiency. The SenseBall program is a part of the CogiTraining Method.
During the last decade the CogiTraining Method has had a remarkable influence on the development of many professional young football players in Belgium. Today the world is making acquaintance with several of those players:
Dries Mertens, A-international, chosen among the 20 best young European players by Marca, currently playing in PSV Eindhoven, Holland.
Faris Haroun, A-international, member Belgian Olympic team in China 2008, currently playing in Middlesborough, UK.
Steven Defour, A-international, Golden Shoe Award winner 2008, currently playing in FC Porto, Portugal.
Sven Kums, currently playing in SV Heerenveen, Holland.
Our programs have also been introduced at schools, Institutes for Mental Health, governmental organisations regarding health care senior people and Special Olympics.