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Talent isn’t born, it is grown!

A new football concept

For years the football world has been thinking that improving a player’s physical potential and developing ingenious tactical plans would guarantee a high standard game leading to remarkable results. Recently the Spanish National Football Team proved irrefutable this was not correct. It goes all about a concept emphasizing rhythm, timing, spacing and exceptional technical and mental skills. Something Michel Bruyninckx and José Riga also understood many years ago.

Brain Centred Training

Based on 20 years of study and experimenting, Brain research proves that our concept is very valuable, because our method respects a much extended number of “Brain Centred Learning” principles.

CogiTraining Method

Guaranteeing a player agrees to practice - not training - 20 to 25 hours weekly, (and excluding bad external influences that could affect the player’ s motivation), is fundamental.

It is also important to understand that, learning is always supervised by “emotion” and there will never be a learning process if we don’t trigger emotion in a correct way.  Learning readiness and simultaneous multi-tasking are the keywords of our CogiTraining Method.

SenseBall Practice

Besides, the continuous search for drills to enhance the number of ball touches and specific football skills has a tremendous influence on the development of a player’s skilfulness. One specific tool of the CogiTraining Method, the SenseBall Practice delivers a perfect solution to guarantee the individual technical development.

The Academy

Due to the growing interest for Michel Bruyninckx’ and José Riga’s work, we decided to launch an Academy which will allow clubs, trainers, coaches and players to be taught with our Method.

Michel Bruyninckx has been applying this new concept in the formation of future young professional players and José Riga is doing the same with professional adult players. This makes them complementary, and able to develop a complete method for the football game of the coming years.