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What they say about the CogiTraining Method


Herman Hobert, Eurosports journalist, Holland
“As from the first moment I met Michel there was absolutely no doubt concerning his knowledge and the method he has developed. Everyone trained by him, or based on his method, will be a better person and a better player. The key is = Cognitive ready.”
April, 2010

El Habchi Musa, Football coach, RSC Anderlecht, national team U9
“Some time ago I had the opportunity to make acquaintance with Michel Bruyninckx' CogiTraining Method. I already work for about 2 years with the same group in my top-class professional club and today I have been applying the CogiTraining Method for almost a year. It is unlikely how my players progressed and about what progress am I talking! My players improved both feet in a remarkable way during ball mastery, passing and dribbling (they more dare using both feet), because we perform all moves and actions proportionally with the right and the left foot (numerous repetitions). During training sessions and matches my players communicate in a better way using the correct coaching words as there are: play, turn, other side etc... The most striking is the fact concentration grew a lot and this is so visible by their body language and the way they use their eyes (Michel calls this cognitive readiness). Now I rarely have to intervene in the group of players that always tended to be distracted. By way of training automatism players are performing without thinking (continuously in perception status) and this is remarkable present during matches. The game is played in a much faster way, due to these automatisms, and a give and go is played with the correct foot and the correct position towards the ball. For me the most spectacular improvement, watching the games, was finding out the players were performing passing or dribbling at the right moment and that is something I consider to be very important. The right timing in present-day football is a key function. Generally my players have progressed not only individually but most of all as a group - a real team - using the CogiTraining Method. I am very happy I discovered this method so that my players could mature in a better way regarding body and ball mastery, game understanding and performance speed. Finally, one other remark, due to the organization of the CogiTraining sessions the number of ball touches grew incredible (repetition is a brain key function). I want to thank Michel and his assistant, instructing me the CogiTraining Method and I hope many other coaches can share this experience.”
January, 2010

Rachel Gunter, Football Moms Association, California, USA.
“Michel's attention to detail, apt observation skills, as well as his amazing ability to educate and coach contributed greatly to my son earning a football scholarship to Stanford University. Michel's thorough understanding and passion for his subject (football and education) is obvious from the success of his training programs worldwide. He is truly an enthusiastic supporter and a worthy ambassador for the sport on an international level. We, at Football Moms USA, are pleased to endorse and recommend Michel to others that can benefit from his services. Thank you Michel for your tremendous contribution to Garrett's football and personal success and opening opportunities for his growth. He learned a lot from you and his season at Genk.”
January, 2010
In 2011, Garrett Gunther Earns All-Pac-12 First Team Honors – Stanford University's Official Athletic Site.


Peter Bosman, Bosman Opleidingen Holland.
“Michel is a person in football who has very new ideas. I have seen him at his work and he is very enthusiast and dedicated. His CogiTraining Method (which he has developed himself!!!) is an eye-opener in the conservative football-world. Just try it for half a year with your team and you will see the results. Magnificent.”
January, 2010

Yannick Ferrera, Football coach, U.R.B.S.F.A. (Belgian Football Federation) (colleague) worked directly with Michel.
“I worked with Michel at U.R.B.S.F.A. and I also have had him as a coach in the KV Mechelen Academy when I was a young player. I rarely saw someone with such an open mind. He thinks about football and different ways to improve players 24/7. His training methods make players more intelligent and technically better. It's a real pleasure to talk about football with him and to watch him giving practice.”
January, 2010

Yves DeWolf, Principal Middenschool, KA Redingenhof 1st degree Secondary School
“Michel is the driving force behind our football project at school. The emphasis of the course is as well physical-neurological as pedagogical. Michel Bruyninckx succeeds in neutralizing the problems of our pupils through a scientific and analytical approach. Through that approach he brings up the maximum potential of every individual pupil and the pass-rate of our students increases. Michel is consistent and shows an enthusiasm appreciated by colleagues and pupils. Thanks to him our student population (in sports and top-level sports) still grows every school year. Beside these aspects Michel is also an excellent coach and teacher. His knowledge is an enrichment for our school and during an evaluation meeting or in-service training he points out neuro-psychological items which concern our youngsters. In that way my teachers reflect more and they try to look at a problem from a different angle. This passionate and pleasant man’s commitment doesn’t stop at the end of our school gate, but also continues after his workday.”
January, 2011