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What we have already achieved

Between 2000 and 2011, the CogiTraining Method has been developed and implemented as part of a particular sports research study associated with the University and High School for Physical Education of Louvain, in which about 200 players (140 boys and 60 girls) between the ages of 12 and 18 were trained using this method.

Initially, these children were not exceptional in any way, either technically or athletically, but just young people from the local area who were passionate about football and enjoyed improving their skills in small local clubs during the weekends.

Yet today, 20% of the players forming the core of the male Belgian football national team and 50% of the players forming the core of the women Belgian football national team in fact originate from this CogiTraining Method-based sports research study.

This is a remarkable finding, if you take into account the fact that the Belgian Football Association has about 400,000 registered players (375,000 men, 25,000 women) on its books.

In other words, the CogiTraining Method has demonstrated its ability to train elite players based on a limited initial intake of "non exceptionally gifted" players.

This shows that:

  • The innate factor ("talent") is much less significant than was believed until recently ("Talent is overrated.");
  • Above all, becoming an elite player is more a function of developing mental/psychological qualities rather than an issue of physical predisposition.

One key to this statistically exceptional result is the fact that the CogiTraining Method allows these initially “normal” players to internalize the essential ingredient of modern football, that is speed: speed of vision, speed of decision-making, speed of execution through a higher cognitive readiness.

We also tested our programs in a grassroots environment, Special Olympic football teams, Mental Health Institutes and Senior People guidance.

The grassroots players that were involved in the school project organized by the Middenschool, KA Redingenhof, 1st degree secondary school, showed that their performances and games grew to a much higher level. The team performances were much better at school compared with the club performance. Most of all the reduced physical approach of football at school was striking. The school results of the children involved were also remarkable. The whole team of teachers confirmed regularly a much bigger learning readiness and they were all very pleased by the splendid behaviour of the children.