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The CogiTraining Method is based on profound research regarding cognitive neurology, neuropsychology, neurobiology, kinesiology, posturology, neuro pedagogics and didactics. The main goal was to understand in a better way how the brain is organized and to find out how human performance can be improved.

For many decades we have been told that sports performance could mostly be enhanced in a physical way. This explains why fitness has won a lot of importance in our world. Today we know that the brain is going to extend our performance potential and “the art of moving” will lead us to higher and much more attractive sports levels.

We need to be aware of the fact that our senses and our brain are continuously creating a view on the world that does not perfectly match with what really happens. Many auditory, visual and cognitive illusions are created by the brain.

Due to our brain’s complexity, we will always be urged to search for better ways of performing. There will be no day we can say we have reached perfection, because the world is continuously evolving. Understanding the variability of life will be the challenge for all coming generations.

About 20 years ago we started to study the human body and 15 years ago our interest got more focused on the brain. The fascinating work of many neurologists finally made us understand that we entered “the fifth revolution: the fascinating world of the brain power!”

In the following chart you can find the fundamentals of our work.

BCT in football

During practice we always respect the principles of “deliberate and deep practice”. Top performance can only be reached if the 10.000 hour rule and 10 years of training conditions are respected.