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Training courses

Realized workshops and training camps

Due to the growing interest for “brain centred training” in the past few years, the staff of CogiTraining has already presented some parts of his methodology worldwide. Here are some of the workshops and training camps we have delivered:

  • Demonstration, Aspire Academy, Qatar, November 2011
  • Training camp, Real Madrid, Spain, November 2011
  • Workshop and training camp, Dynamo Minsk, Belarus, March 2011
  • Workshop “The influence of neurology on football development”, Bacons College, London, England
  • Workshops and training camp for trainers and coaches, Winnipeg, Canada, August 2010
  • Workshop for BFC (Belgian Football Coaches), May 2009
  • Summer training camps, Quebec and Winnipeg, Canada, July 2008
  • Summer training Camps, Fort McMurray and Québec, Canada, July 2009
  • Workshop and demonstration BCT Method Red Bull Salzburg, Austria i.c.w. Percy Van Lierop, former AJAX and PSV player, director youth academy Red Bull
  • Introduction and presentation BCT Method to Markus Plattner, director youth department Tirol Austria, Austrian Football Federation (150 clubs), responsible for the self-in training candidate-trainers
  • Workshop and training camp, Football Club Charlesbourg, Québec, Canada, July 2007
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