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Training courses

Training courses

We continuously receive requests for both CogiTraining and SenseBall courses. For this reason, we have decided to offer training courses in our facilities (in Belgium) as well as customised training courses in your facilities (worldwide).

Whether you are a coach of a professional football club or a grassroots club we can offer you the proper programs. We have already delivered many training courses and workshops around the world.

Training courses in our facilities (in Belgium)

Within 3 days, learn the fundamentals of the CogiTraining methodology, in order to be able to implement it within youth or senior teams, and receive an introductory course on the SenseBall exercices. Please visit Next training course to know when our next training course will take place.

Training courses in your facilities (worldwide)

On specific request, we are able to organise customised training courses, mainly for professional football clubs, in order to train all coaches of your club to the CogiTraining methodology and to give them the benefit of an introduction to the SenseBall exercices. If you are interested by such a training course, please contact us.