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News > Wellington Soccer Club Seeing Results from Cogitraining and Senseball

This news was published on 04.02.2015

This season, Wellington Soccer Club incorporated CogiTraining and SenseBall into their developmental program. A new style of training developed by Michel Bruyninckx, CogiTraining is a cognitive program that stimulates the brain to enhance player performance.  WSC was excited to be the first club in the United States to implement this program.

A highlight of CogiTraining is SenseBall.  This year, each WSC player received a SenseBall and through practice and repetition, Wellington has seen improved touch, control, accuracy, and coordination.  It is also allowing their players to utilize both feet, thereby increasing individual skill and overall speed of the game.  

Throughout the season, the club has been holding evaluations to keep track of player progression with CogiTraining and SenseBall. They are already seeing improvements in their individual players' knowledge of the game and their performance on the pitch.  

At Wellington Soccer Club, player development is the core of their program.  Through CogiTraining and SenseBall, they aim to bring a higher level of development to their club. As the Director of Coaching, Patrick Zoete said, "we look forward to the rest of the season and are enthusiastic to be part of this new and unique style of training."

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