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News > The CogiTraining team joins AC Milan

This news was published on 15.10.2013

After last week’s coaching meeting at the Milanello sports centre, there’s been more investment from the Rossoneri. The methodological area of the club are workin every day on an athletic, technical and educative model for the club’s future.

MILANELLO – Last week saw Adriano Galliani and Ariedo Braida meet with the club’s coaching staff from all levels and today there are important additions to that staff. Jose Riga (ex-Standard Liege coach and part of the Aspire academy in Qatar) and Michel Bruynincks (ex-coach and researcher from Leuven University) have joined the club. Both men will be part of the Technical/Methodological area coordinated by Aldo Dolcetti and will work on innovative concepts and training methods for the entire Youth Sector.

Here’s what some of the coaches had to say at the end of last weekend’s meeting:

FILIPPO GALLI – Head of Milan’s Youth Sector:
"We wanted everyone here today to help in the construction of the Milan model in terms of uniformity of playing concepts and behavior shared by all players and staff. Adriano Galliani was behind the idea of the methodology of a Milan model which will stay with the club for years, regardless of the people involved in making it happen.”

ALDO DOLCETTI - A.C. Milan Methodology Coordinator:

"This was the first meeting. 11 teams and 1 club. We’ve been working since June on delivering the targets that have been set for the next few years. The aim is to get players from the Youth Sector to the First Team, ready to play at the San Siro.”

DOMENICO GUALTIERI - Milan Lab Staff Member at Vismara:
"Our job is not just to get the fastest most athletic players on the pitch. We also want to give the players the instruments to take care of problems themselves while on the pitch. The technical area approach is linked with the athletic preparation.”

OMAR DANESI - Allievi Nazionali Coach:
“The entire staff wash ere today. I’m convinced that we’re all working in the right direction and we’re on the right road. The centre of the entire project is the player, not the ambition of the coach.”

ANDREA BIFFI - Pulcini 2005 Coach:
"Adriano Galliani has strengthened and given vitality to the job that we do with the kids. We have to be a real school for these children and not just in football terms but also in educative terms, teaching them first and foremost to love the red and black of Milan.”