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News > Michel Bruyninckx at the Ontario Soccer Summit: promotional action of SenseBalls

This news was published on 17.03.2017

The Ontario Soccer Association has announced another highly-coveted international presenter that will be joining the Ontario Soccer Summit 2017. 

Michel Bruyninckx from the Belgian Football Association will be front and centre at the March 3rd to 5th event in Oshawa. 

Bruyninckx is a Belgian football coach primarily known for his methods of brain training for soccer players. He has named his brain training method CogiTraining. 

According to Bruyninckx, the method's objective is to generate intelligent players who can think and play faster and more accurately in a collective approach. Bruninckx will present on the cognitive development of young players.

“Michel’s approach to the mental cognitive side of the game is first-rate and cutting edge in many respects.” Lennox said. “He will illustrate the value of creating well-developed player-centred technical and psychological training programs that appropriately challenges every individual.”

SenseBall promotion Canada:

Following the presentation of SenseBall and CogiTraining during the Ontario Soccer Summit, we have a small promotional action of SenseBalls: Through Mr. Daniel Wybo, a limited quantity of SenseBalls can be bought at a promotional price containing a discount on the normal price. This is an unique opportunity to get to know our revolutionary training resource. If you reside in Canada, please contact Mr. Wybo at