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News > Football got its origin in the brain

This news was published on 05.02.2013

British researchers have discovered that pro players’ virtuosity has its origin in the brain.

They can address to more zones so that they react differently and faster in particular situations.

Researchers of Brunel University, in the west of London, could prove that football players being active at a high level  can address to more brain zones than amateur football players. This gives them the advantage to anticipate faster on an opponent’s reaction. The research also confirms other players can learn these skills through brain training sessions.

The researchers submitted 39 football players to a MRI, while they were watching videoclips where an opponent was approaching them. They had to tell in what way the player would move and at the same time their brain activity was measured.

‘Our research shows a bigger brain activity in the pro football players’ brain unlike the amateur football players. We believe that this big neuronal activity can be developed by intensive training sessions. The next step will be to reserarch how the brain could be trained to anticipate the opponent’s movements’, according to Dr. Daniel Bishop, leading the research at the Brunel university.